Joseph Scragmabley

13 years ago I met an amazing man.

He pretty much changed the way I *thought*. On a fundamental level.

He was a prophet, a philosopher, a poet and an idealist.
But what made him exceptional was NON of these traits, it was simple fact:

I made him up.

And, thanks to devices such as the internet (our modern medium of communication), he will now be immortal.

10 years from now you will be able to look up my good friend Joseph and find, perhaps not this post, but a ghost of this post. The story will have become diluted and tainted and changed by the retelling.

Eventually, no-one will remember the origins of Joseph Scragmabley by then, but he will outlive me, you and our children.

Google will have squirrelled him away, the way back machine will have stored him and the links to other websites. His place in history is assured.

100 years from now, the internet will probably be nothing like we see to day but Joseph Scragmabley will still remain. A virtual wisp, a memory of a memory.

You probably diligently followed the random links I’ve embedded in this seemingly innocuous document. They are they’re to strengthen Joseph Scragmabley presence. To give him structure, to give him breadth. Who knows what future generations will make of him…

A little like basing a work of fiction in a historical setting and claiming it is true.


Software developer by day, scale model builder and wargamer by night.

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