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  1. ibbo says:

    Woah there fella… “That’s quite an estimate… NONE of the many people I know who smoke it are ‘dependant’ on it…”

    Touch of the double standards there… surely? You can’t use your new found atheism and faith in science to stick to to all those daft believers in the world, then choose to ignore science when it tells you something you don’t like…. can you?

    I personally know two people and know of at least one other who, whilst never “dependant”, would certainly agree now that Cannabis contributed *significantly* to their illness. Of course the problem is that they were essentially self-medicating with the stuff, so Cannabis itself isn’t the problem.. but pretending it doesn’t have this effect on some people is like claiming that some people don’t become alcoholics. I’m not saying Cannabis itself is a problem, just that decrying the science because it might restrict something you enjoy just gives those whom Cannabis does affect in a negative way a reason to keep on using it… and, old friend, it *DOES* affect some people *very* badly.

  2. ibbo says:

    Also I can’t spell.. I before e… blah blah blah

  3. Richard@Home says:

    hehe, the problem with using to keep my bookmarks (the list of links you see posted here) is it only allows 255 characters in the description. I didn’t have room to expand my rather terse summary.

    Thing is, I’ve been keeping an eye on these studies for a long time and what irked me about the statement was there was no reference, no way to check up on this very startling figure.

    “Although figures are not kept, it is estimated that as many as 500,000 people in the UK may be dependent on cannabis.”

    If no figures are kept, how can you estimate? Who’s doing the estimating anyway? Based on what?

    Co-incidentally, there have already been a number of flaws pointed out in the way this study was performed, and more importantly how the results were reported.

    A good, if rather one sided breakdown of the report is here:

    Other studies in this area have not come to the same conclusion. Almost to a man they have all come to the conclusion that there isn’t enough evidence one way or the other. People who became psychotically effected in most cases already had a predisposition for psychosis.

    Now, I’m not saying cannabis doesn’t have adverse effects. What I’m saying is until we’ve done the research and gathered the evidence we should lay off the sensationalist headlines and sound bites.

  4. ibbo says:

    Yep.. Notwithstanding sensational headlines, research is important, but never more so that in what we say for ourselves:

    That’s quite an estimate… NONE of the many people I know who smoke it are ‘dependant’ on it…”

    You sure?

  5. suzi says:

    For what it’s worth, I’d say at least two people I’ve known well (not Sheffield people) have been dependent on cannabis in a way that’s caused them health problems. Probably doesn’t help the dependency side of things that most people mix with tobacco.

    I’ve definitely known some people who do fine on it too though. But then you get that with alcohol too – like Churchill’s famous “I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me”.

    Speaking of alcohol – this is turning into a pub conversation, and we don’t even have any beer 🙂

  6. ibbo says:

    Mmmm Beer

  7. Richard@Home says:

    Yup, you’re right m8. I shall re-phrase it to “As far as I know, none of my friends, medical issues aside, have become dependant on Cannabis.”

  8. Richard@Home says:

    Although… perhaps it’s not the Cannabis that causing the dependency, its the underlying condition itself. But that’s a whole other discussion.

  9. ibbo says:

    Yeap.. thats for sure fella. Just that (and I’ve heard it first hand) you try telling someone that they’re self medicating with cannabis and the first thing they’ll quote at you is excatly what you said about it not being proven.

    I’m with the great Mr Hicks on the drugs front, trouble is, you have to be in the right state of mind in the first place for it to work. A mind freed from fear with the ability to contemplate anything beyond foolish fear is a truly formidable thing. It doesn’t matter if your method is cannabis, meditation, religion, science or foo. The ability to ignore the dark places and push on to “the truth” is the highest persuit. The problem, now I’ve had a beer, is that two of those work by making the dark feel less so, and two of them works by making the light seem that that much brighter. Not sure about the foo, unless of course its the foo fighters, in which case, um, Cool!

    you pays your money and makes your choices I guess 🙂 anyway.. “whats so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?”

    When are we having beer btw?

  10. Richard@Home says:

    My birthday coming up in a couple of weeks… not that we need an excuse 😉

  11. ibbo says:

    Cool. Man I need to fit some kind of breathalyzer to my PC tho 🙂

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