a blank disc weighs as much as a full disc…

“I dare Christians to prove God exsists in any way by proof in a form besides the Bible. I DARE you.”

Um, study nature and life? Study the Laws of Thermodynamics and the conclusions (like matter/energy cannot be created or destroyed; data (which DNA is comprised of) is immaterial, it has no mass or volume (a blank disc weighs as much as a full disc for instance) yet is constantly created and destroyed, therefore is not of our material world)?

Try to apply logic and unbiased reasoning. It’s as self-evident as math once you cut through all the delusions foisted on you by your state-sponsored education camps.

frogtoprince’s comment on Glumbert – The Athiest Delusion (emphasis mine)

I’ll try and explain this ‘supernatural’ phenomena in really simple terms:

There is NO physical difference between a full and a blank disc. A blank disc is in fact, just as full as one with data on it (which is why they weigh the same). What changes is the magnetic polarity of the medium is changed in patterns that we interpret as information. The patterns still exist on a blank disc, but are random (and meaningless) until we give them order.

A full MS-DOS disc would appear empty to another system which could not interpret it.


Software developer by day, scale model builder and wargamer by night.

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