A request to a Muslim…


You don’t know me, but I’d like to read the Qur’an. I don’t want to buy it because I think if your god wanted me to read it, it would be provided to me. I don’t want to read it on-line because I don’t think that’s how it should be read. It should be read, like other religious texts, away from distraction.

I also think, that if someone thinks highly enough of any book, they would dig into their own pockets and buy it for someone they think would benefit from it. I know I have, and will continue to do so.

To put this in a little context, over the last few months in particular. Someone or some people have been sending me religious texts – mainly (not all) Christian.

I’ve read them. All of them. Some of them twice.

So far, no one has sent me a copy of the Qur’an.

That’s odd considering the billion plus Muslims out there.

So, I’m asking here, for someone to send me a copy of the Qur’an, in English. Preferably ‘the one true’ translation (yes, I understand I can only be fully comprehended in it native Arabic, but I have to start somewhere, and yes, there are likely to be thousands of ‘one true translations’ – so send them all).

To this end, I will, for the first time ever, publish my email address. I’m prepared to put with the deluge of spam to gain one molecule of understanding.

That sounds like a fair traid to me.

Email me at richardathome@gmail.com and I’ll organise a devlivery address.

I hope I don’t live to regret this.


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One comment on “A request to a Muslim…
  1. Antony Ellis says:

    I’m not a muslim but If you do get a copy it will take you many years to learn how to read it. The actual meaning of Qur’an is “recitation” meaning that it must be read/recited slowly and in a kind of rhythmic tone.

    A canonical recitation must satisfy three conditions:

    1. It must match the rasm, letter for letter.

    2. It must conform with the syntactic rules of the Arabic language.

    3. It must have a continuous isnad to Muhammad through tawatur, meaning that it has to be related by a large group of people to another down the isnad chain

    Ref: Wiki

    The thing which really concerns me about the Qur’an is the need for an *angel* to correct God’s word – especially Gabriel but thats another discussion.

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