Ask Me Something…

An open area to me a question.

I’m an “Instant Internet Expert(TM)” so pretty much anything goes…

12 comments on “Ask Me Something…
  1. Evelyn says:

    Are you Richard Dawkins?

  2. ibbo says:

    He’s semi-dawkins, quazi-dawkins, the diet-coke of dawkins.. only 1 calorie.

  3. Matt says:

    Hi Richard – I’m using internet explorer 7.0 and Im finding the weirdest thing on my site.. When someone types a comment that is more than a few paragraphs long, after a while the comment window starts to shrink just a smidge for each new letter the person types.

    Any ideas?



  4. Richard@Home says:

    That’s a goodie Matt, haven’t seen that one before.

    I noticed in your stylesheet rule:

    form input, form textarea {

    I’m not sure if IE7 recognises max-width (IE6 certainly didn’t), so try changing that line to “width: 100%;” or removing it completely, you override it with an explicit width in #commentform textarea anyway.

  5. james says:

    This is a cool concept – mind if I borrow it for my blog?

  6. Richard@Home says:

    Anything I put on my blog is published under a Creative Commons Licence. Feel free! 🙂

  7. M@ (Matt) says:

    Hello ~
    I was wondering why you would have 10 rules to live by?
    Excuse me, please, but the first impression I got from that was: He misses having a religion, and lacks creativity, and originality.
    I’m certain that’s not the case, but that’s what I got from it.
    We Atheists don’t want or need their primitive ways, albeit nice.

    Thanks for reading.
    M@ (Matt)

  8. Richard@Home says:

    Hi Matt, thanks for posting the question.

    I made the ’10 rules to live by’ post to illustrate that it is possible to come up with a set of moral guidelines without needing a big beard in the sky.

  9. ibbo says:

    Young fella-me-laddo.. you seen this weeks New Scientist.. 23rd Aug 2008? Really interesting article on Placebo Effect, double-blind trials and “Placebo Amplifiers”. might be interesting.

  10. Heather says:

    Hi, I saw your comment on this article:

    I, too, use jQuery, but I’m very new to it. I got the validation to work with Scriptaculous, but now I’m trying to translate the chunk of Javascript after the form into jQuery, and it’s not working. I was wondering if you would be *ever*, ever so kind and send me your translated callback function … I would be eternally indebted!

    Thanks either way! – Heather

  11. Anu Anu says:

    I want to know how to calculate no of days from two date (one date is current date and another date is (future date from database)) using php or codeigniter.

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