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Quote Of The Day: Half the fun of writing a weblog…

Some days are more quotable than others… Half the fun of writing a weblog is hearing from total strangers with an itemized list of my faults. from Spam Spam Spam Spam Comment Spam Advertisements

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3rd Fastest Growing WordPress Blog? It Must Be a Slow Day at WordPress

I spotted this on my dashboard today. Not sure how ‘fastest growing’ is calculated. Can anyone shed any light? Is it the number of comments posted perhaps? The number of sites linking to me? It can’t be the number of

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Banning access to Blogs from your workplace? Why not cut of your developers right hand while your at it?

Wired News is running a story about how some workplaces are blocking access to blogs. Ok, so blogging can be a bit of a time-sync. A quick ‘just 10 minutes’ trawl through the blogshere can quickly escalate to a ‘where

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I’ve started to use the social bookmark/tagging service instead of wordpress links. Hopefully, will integrate sometime soon (along with editable CSS!), but in the meantime, here’s my links page and my RSS Feed.

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