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Question of the day: If evolution were true…

If evolution were true and there was no God/gods/godesses, would the world be any different from how it is now? And if so, how? Advertisements

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Richard Dawkins on The Late Late Show

To sit in front of a room full of believers and tell them they are deluded takes some guts and conviction. I haven’t watched all of this video yet but Dawkins answers questions from the audience… Update: I *realy* wish

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More Holes in The Arguments Against Evolution…

I remember a conversation with a Christian friend of mine a few years ago. It was one of the many (and lengthy) conversations we had about evolution vs. creationism. One interesting point he raised that made me think hard about

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Tit for Tat: How Nice Guys Finish First

  I’m turning into a bit of a Richard Dawkins fanboy. This facinating documentary explains what he meant by ‘The Selfish Gene’, and how selfishness can lead to co-operation, altruism and a winning strategy for life.   For further insite

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Is Evolution Accelerating?

Richard Dawkins, at the end of this video illustrates the span of geological time by holding out his arm. He explains: if the whole of time from the development of the first life form (primitive bacteria) were his tie, multi-cellular

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