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I have no recollection of this photograph being taken…

I suspect it was a very early morning photograph after a(nother) long night of beers… Advertisements

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LARP vs. The Real World

Two videos caught me eye on YouTube today that illustrate (for me) the attraction of Live Action Roleplaying.   Firstly, how non-LARPer’s see the hobby:   Now, lets watch it play out in the minds of the players:

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A Nocturnal Affair

It\’s been unusually slow on the blogsphere today, so to provide you with a minor distraction, here\’s is a tale I presented to my fellow members of the Bards Guild at The Gathering of 2002. Worryingly, it is based on

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The Gathering 2006 – Booking Forms Available.

The booking forms for this years The Lorien Trust events (The Heartland Games, Moot 1, Moot 2 and The Gathering) are out today. (cheer) Book early for a not insubstancial saving. Book multiple events for an even bigger saving. This

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LARP Newbie Hints And Tips

Introduction (note: This article first appeared on my original blog) This document has been put together to help new Live Action Role Players prepare for and enjoy their first event. Although primarily aimed at attending a large-scale, outdoor camping event,

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The Gathering 2005

…was, as usual excellent. This year, I was the only member of my group to attend. So I had NO plans, and rigidly stuck to them. I spent a great deal of time chilling and chatting with long-time friends and

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