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BBC… i… can’t view the content…

My home PC is a vanilla Windows XP install on a vinilla Asus PC box Nothing special. Realy. That’s why I bought it. It worked out of the box with no fussing or faff. Just tried the BBC’s I player.

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Handholding users – Step AWAY from the keyboard and no-one will get hurt!

Another classic Daily WTF today (and a user WTF for a change) with another set of classic comments. In particular I loved the 'email' picker solution provided by R.Flowers: (sorry, this big image breaks my layout, but I think its

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Quote Of The Day: Phishing

Why don’t banks allow you to customize your online banking interface with a picture of your preference? Like your own mugshot? Your pet? Your girlfriend? The logo of your favorite team? Your country’s entry to the Eurovision song contest? Something

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Quote Of The Day: You can’t make things easier by adding to them

2) You can’t make things easier by adding to them. Simplicity means getting something done in a minimum number of simple steps. Practically anything could be simpler – but you don’t get there by adding features. from Why Features Don’t

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Disneystore: One Step Forward And a Mad Dash Back to The ’90’s

For over a year now, standards based evangelists like myself have been pointing prospective clients to Disney Store‘s beautifully done eCommerce website. How the mighty have fallen. The original shining example of a XHTML strict, CSS, accessible, usable website that

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