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Semantic Column Markup Redux

Previously, I wrote a quick snippet of CSS and HTML to mark up column layouts. It wasn’t particularly semantic and didn’t *feel* right. Also, it was a pain to add/remove columns. So I’ve had a bit of a ponder and

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Introducing PickOne

PickOne is something that has been kicking around my head for a while now. Ever had one of those moments of indecision where you can’t decide what to have for lunch? or which shoes to put on in the morning?

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n Column Layouts in CSS

The CSS .multicol { width: 100%; float: left; } .two { float: left; width: 49.5%; } .three { float: left; width: 32.5%; font-size: .8em; } .four { float: left; width: 24.5%; font-size: .8em; } The Markup 2 Column <div class=’mutlicol’>

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mailto: Specifying Multiple Recipients

Up until about 20 minutes ago I was unaware you could specify multiple recipients in a mailto tag: <a href=’,’>Email Us</a> (Tested in Firefox, IE6, Outlook 2003 and Thunderbird on Windows) Activating this link will open up the users default

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